My Music Story



It has been a fabulous journey that I have traveled with music. 

I started writing guitar music when I was 11 years old in Kewanee, Illinois when my sister gave me a discarded guitar. I bought a tuning fork, a Beatles’ chord book, and taught myself how to play. I wrote a few songs with a childhood friend, and at 13 wrote my first solo song, “She Is Gone,” when my mother died. Later, I was part of a high school band called “The Tangerine Doorknobs.” I played and wrote some during college and grad school then took a creative break for 25 years. 

In late 2015, I began composing and writing songs again daily – at home, on the road, in airports, hotels and historic towns. I travel with a Taylor GS Mini Koa wood guitar. 

I am currently working on a songbook of original music for acoustic guitar and voice called "It's Always a Good Day When a Song Shows Up." This book will contain more than 60 songs, lyrics and chords, that I've written over 50 years. The ebook will include audio or videos. 

I am blessed by all the music friends and supporters in my life. Thank you for joining me on my music journey!


Check out this great video "I'll Never Stop Falling in Love with You."


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New book and new album coming in 2018!